This Week in Gaming: Overwatch League, "Shaq-ramento" and PVE-sports

by Sasha Erfanian Jul 14
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We Like...

The Overwatch League details are (finally) announced

Originally announced nine months ago at BlizzCon 2016, Blizzard's been pretty tight-lipped about the Overwatch League... like, really tight-lipped. Tight-lipped to the point where teams dropped their OW rosters over the lack of info surrounding it.

However, Blizz has finally loosened the wraps binding the city-based esports league and revealed the first seven organizations to buy into the league, including Immortals, NRG and a Boston-based team owned by New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

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As much info as Blizzard has bestowed upon us already, there's still plenty more to come and theScore esports' intrepid reporters Daniel Rosen and Josh Bury have been hard at work.

You can check out Rosen's interview with OWL commissioner Nate Nanzer about why the league won't have import restrictions and Bury's talk with Laser Kittenz CEO Ali "Alicus" Saba about that team's plans, but we got plenty more interviews and original reporting coming down the pipe soon.

We Don't Like...


Look, it's super, super cool Shaq is repping NRG and trying to get people in California hyped about his team setting up shop in San Francisco for the OWL, but resorting to cheap, forced puns to do so is just not the way Shaquille.

The fine people of Sacramento Country deserve better from you dude.

We're Unsure of...

World of Warcraft's Mythic Dungeon Invitational

Let me get this out of the way, I never drank the World of Warcaft Kool-Aid. As a matter of fact I was a fervent believer that Star Wars: The Old Republic would be the "WoW-Killer" the legends spoke of and paid dearly for it.

However, I feel I'm being objective when I say that watching other people clear PvE content is a hard-sell for an esport. Yet Blizz is trying it out with the $100,000 Mythic Dungeon Invitational, which will see 32 teams try to clear WoW's hardest dungeons as fast as possible.

While the proving grounds for the 32 spots will take place July 25-28, the finals will run in September and be broadcast on Twitch for the viewing pleasure of people who enjoy flawless mechanics and perfectly executed and optimized rotations.

If you're one of those people, I am truly, truly happy for you but I'll stick with my favorite "real" esport... competitive Hearthstone.

We Want...

A HungryBox/Anthony Bourdain crossover

You got to love it when a player lives up to their tag, and 2016 EVO Melee champion Juan "HungryBox" Debiedma proved that he is one very hungry box in a video feature from Team Liquid in which he samples some of LA's best food trucks... and critiques "contemporary" art installations.

All in all, the vid has us salivating both for amazingly decadent food truck eats and more videos of HBox reviewing food like the Smasher version of Anthony Bourdain. As amazing as it would be to see some weird alternate universe where him and CNN's resident gourmet join forces, the partnership will likely be made or broken by Hungry Box's opinion on Baby Driver.

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