KSV signs Lunatic-Hai players to play for Seoul Overwatch League team

by Daniel Rosen Aug 21
Thumbnail image courtesy of KSV, Blizzard

KSV, the owners of the Seoul Overwatch League spot, have signed six Lunatic-Hai players to their roster.

Lunatic-Hai's roster is considered to be one of the strongest Overwatch teams in the world, with first place finishes at both Overwatch APEX Seasons 2 and 3. Many of the players signed by KSV were also on the Korean first-place Overwatch World Cup 2016 team.

"We are committed to being the championship team. And to do that, we want to bring together the best players in the world," KSV COO Kent Wakeford told theScore esports. "And the players that we're bringing from Lunatic Hai, these are world champion players, who have proven they can work together as a team, that they can compete at the highest level, that they can compete in high-pressure situations and excel. It's not only about having great individual players, it's about having great players who can play together strategically as a cohesive team."

KSV's roster currently features just six of Lunatic-Hai's players, leaving out Lee "Whoru" Seung-joon and Lee "LEETAEJUN" Tae-jun. Wakeford confirmed to theScore esports that the organization was unable to sign Whoru to their roster because he is too young to play in the OWL. Activision-Blizzard requires players to be at least 18 to play in the OWL and Whoru is 15. KSV has also acquired Lunatic-Hai coaches Baek Kwang-jin and Chae "alwaysoov" Ho-Jung.

Wakeford clarified that KSV has not purchased the Lunatic-Hai organization, just these players and the coaching staff for now. The players and coaches will also continue to play for Lunatic-Hai until the end of APEX Season 4. Lunatic-Hai is currently sitting at third in Group A with an 0-1 record.

"My hopes for the roster are that the Seoul team will be the champions of Season 1," Wakeford said. "We have amazing players, but we are aware of the competition and the resources that owners like the Bob Krafts and the Kroenkes of the world bring, so we are going to prepare and do everything that we can to have a great team and go for the championship."

Daniel Rosen is a news editor for theScore esports. You can follow him on Twitter.