Around the Web: Fnatic fans react to team's dismal Worlds performance and Rogue says goodbye to Overwatch roster

by Colin McNeil Oct 9

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Heartbreak for Fnatic fans

This past week was not a great time to be a Fnatic fan. Sitting at the bottom of Group B with an 0-3 record at the League of Legends World Championship, they’re all but finished in China.

On Thursday, they lost the battle of the cheese to Vietnam’s Gigabyte Marines. Come Friday, they fell to the NA LCS' second seed Immortals in a heartbreaking, down-to-the-wire contest. And it all went from bad to worse Sunday, with Rekkles and co. on the receiving end of a 20-minute perfect game from Longzhu Gaming.

The players weren’t happy.

As for fans, they were either crestfallen, or blissfully optimistic in the face of the daunting odds facing their team.

If the scoreline wasn’t bad enough, LG’s Top Laner, Kim "Khan" Dong-ha, described his own performance in their perfect game as a mere 7/10. File this one under S, for salt in wound.

EU LC mess

The EU LCS has been a hotbed of controversy lately, with reports that Riot planned to move the entire league into a regionalized system in 2018 sparking open letters of dissent and calls to action by both H2K and Unicorns of Love.

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With the news that Riot has reportedly taken a step back from regionalizing, things might be calming down across the pond once again. Or not.

Rogue drops OW roster

After failing to make it into Blizzard's Overwatch League, Rogue has decided to dissolve their current Overwatch roster, releasing the players to graze on greener pastures.

Both players and fans expressed their dismay at the news.

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