Former NRG manager denies sexual assault allegations, police say case is 'pending closure'

by Daniel Rosen Nov 9 2017
Thumbnail image courtesy of NRG

Trigger warning: The following story includes details of an alleged sexual assault.

Maxwell Bateman, formerly a manager with NRG Esports, has denied allegations of sexual assault made by Twitch streamer Dezaray Luna.

In a statement published on Nov. 8, Bateman claims that Luna's allegations are false, and he did not sexually assault her. He denies Luna's claim that he was a "no-show" for his police interview, though he did text her asking if they could settle the issue between them. Bateman was fired from NRG following Luna's initial allegations.

On Nov. 5, Luna alleged that Bateman assaulted her in October, after the two had been drinking. She says she felt ill and returned to his house, where after she coughed up blood and passed in and out of consciousness, he laid down next to her and sexually assaulted her before driving her back to her home.

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In a series of tweets following her initial TwitLonger statement, Luna posted screenshots of texts she allegedly exchanged with Bateman in the weeks since the alleged assault in which Bateman stated he thought she was sober when the incident occurred.

A spokesperson for the Las Vegas Metro Police told theScore esports that Bateman was in fact interviewed by the detective assigned to this case. On Nov. 6, Luna gave theScore esports a copy of her initial report to the police. However, the spokesperson also told theScore esports that the case is currently open, but is "pending closure due to lack of evidence."

Neither Luna nor Bateman have responded to requests for further comment.

Daniel Rosen is a news editor for theScore esports.