Around the web: StarCraft Remastered released in PC Bangs, and a crazy speedrunning relay

by Sean Wetselaar Jul 31 2017
Thumbnail image courtesy of Blizzard/ Twitter

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This week saw StarCraft Remastered released in Korean PC Bangs alongside some hype Brood War action, and a group of 70 industrious speedrunners pull off an amazing Super Mario 64 relay.

It's still 2017, if you were wondering what year it was.

Yes, Brood War is still hype

The grandfather of the Korean esports scene can still pull in some massive crowds in Korea. Though the much-anticipated StarCraft Remastered will not be released globally until Aug. 14, the updated classic was made available in PC Bangs late Sunday night, amid some fanfare.

The event, which saw a huge crowd form at a venue in Busan, South Korea, featured show matches between such Brood War legends as Lee "Jaedong" Jae-dong, Lee "Flash" Young-ho and Kim "Bisu" Taek-yong.

To say longtime followers of the RTS genre were excited may be an understatement.

The graphics might still look dated by modern gaming standards, but there's still nothing quite like seeing the best in the world duke it out in one of the most enduring esports titles with 300+ APM.

70 people, one relay speedrun

The European Speedrunner Assembly (ESA) did something different this year with one of the most widely run titles, Super Mario 64. Instead of having one player attempt to collect 70 stars in the category, they had 70 people collect them.

The resulting two-plus hours of mayhem is exactly as entertaining to watch as you'd expect. Though the collection of players, some of whom had never played the game, fell just shy of their goal of completing the run in under two hours, they did an admirable and highly entertaining job.

Sure, the run wasn't perfect. But I'm sure they can have it polished by the time AGDQ comes around.

Next time, I personally want to see a 242-person relay for the longest category in Super Mario Galaxy. Make it happen, folks.

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