John 'TotalBiscuit' Bain dead at 33 after extended bout with cancer

by Josh Bury May 25 2018
Thumbnail image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

John "TotalBiscuit" Bain, a prominent video game critic and media personality, has passed away at the age of 33 after a years-long battle with cancer. Bain's death was announced on Twitter by his wife, Genna.

Bain had publicly revealed his colon cancer diagnosis in 2014.

The news brought reactions from many in the gaming world, from his contemporaries, and even the targets of his criticism.

"John's contributions to the Blizzard community as a creator and a critic have been immense, including his enduring work as a professional commentator, tournament operator and team owner alongside Genna Bain," read a statement released by Blizzard Entertainment.

Bain was a prominent member of the World of Warcraft community in that game's early days, participating in nascent podcasting community WoW Radio. He became known for his critiques of the game's publisher, Blizzard Entertainment, and the direction the title would ultimately take.

In mid-2011, increasingly disillusioned with WoW, he dove into other games in earnest, diversifying his content and putting an increased focus on commentating StarCraft 2.

Perhaps best known for his greater body of work in reviewing PC games, Bain's acerbic wit was very much in line with his self-described label of "Cynical Brit," which led more than 2 million people to subscribe to his YouTube channel.

He became a divisive figure during Gamergate and made several social media posts weighing in on the matter during the peak of the controversy.

His interest in indie games, and a refusal to back away from criticizing AAA titles, became as much a hallmark of his channel's style as the popular Co-optional Podcast.

His face became immortalized in the popular Twitch emote LUL, while his voice is also available as a custom announcer in StarCraft II.

He is survived by his wife Genna and stepson Orion.

Josh "Gauntlet" Bury is a news editor for theScore esports. You can find him on Twitter.