theScore esports Daily (Jan. 16): Miracle- to miss Chongqing for 'personal reasons,' WCS disqualifies four accounts for matchfixing

by Dimitri Pascaluta Jan 16 2019
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Miracle- bows out of Chongqing on account of 'urgent personal matter'

Amer "Miracle-" Al-Barkawi will not be attending the upcoming Chongqing Major, Team Liquid confirmed on Wednesday.

According to Liquid, they'll be missing Miracle- on account of an "urgent personal matter" presenting itself to their star midlaner "at the last minute." No further details regarding his absence have been disclosed.

Former Wings player Chu "shadow" Zeyu is rumored to be Miracle-'s stand-in, given that the Chinese carry was reported by a reddit post to have changed the title of his stream to "I'll be back after playing for Liquid in the Major."

shadow was formerly a member of fan-favorite Wings Gaming, a famously inventive Chinese roster who endeared themselves to fans amidst their victorious run through The International 2016.

WCS disqualifies four accounts due to matchfixing

The StarCraft II World Championship Series has disqualified four accounts, after the organizer found them guilty of matchfixing.

The four accounts in question are Huang "Cyan" Min, Hu "Jieshi" Jiajun, Huang "Nice" Yu Xiang and "Route."

"During the ladder race of WCS Winter—Americas, Route played several suspicious matches with cyan, JieShi, and Nice," Blizzard Entertainment said in their statement.

"Upon review of these matches and accounts in question, it was found that several of the matches were intentionally lost by Route to the other three players involved. Nice, cyan, and JieShi were found to be colluding to intentionally trade wins with the Route account. Finally, it was discovered that both cyan and JieShi were logging into the Route account during the competition as part of this effort."

As a result, all four accounts have been disqualified from competing in the WCS until May 31, 2019.

Rogue's parent company announces $10.8 million funding round

ReKTGlobal, the parent company of Rogue, announced a $10.8 million Series A funding round Wednesday.

The company's financing was led by Nick Gross, founder of entertainment and media company Gross Labs. Other notable investors include Steve Aoki, Imagine Dragons band members and manager Mac Reynolds, Live Nation, Larry Rudolph and other sports, media, and entertainment investors.

The round is slated to support Rogue's "global expansion," as well as their recent entry into the newly-rebranded League of Legends European Championship.

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