GSL 2016 to be run by AfreecaTV

by theScore Staff Oct 4 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of GSL

The GSL announced last night that GOM eXP would no longer be broadcasting GSL, and instead AfreecaTV would step in to provide streaming services.

Afreeca also announced that it would be providing the global service of GSL in free 1080p resolution, going back on one of GOMtv's most controversial policies of this year.

During the announcement, which came just after the conclusion of the Season 3 Finals between INnoVation and ByuL, it was revealed that Mr. Chae, the creator of GSL as well as the GSL crew would remain in the organization.

The CEO of AfreecaTV also announced a launch event scheduled for November 9th, which will feature an Archon Mode showmatch, a LotV 1v1 event, and will stream the wedding of Brood War legend and fan favorite NaDa.

It was also announced that Afreeca would be hosting the tiebreaker match between HyuN and FanTaSy to determine the last seed to BlizzCon on October 6.

Finally, Afreeca announced that it would be organizing a professional StarCraft: Brood War league in Korea, starting October 28.

Christian Paas-Lang is an eSports journalist from Toronto who is excited to be able to watch the GSL again, instead of just listening. You can follow him on Twitter.