PartinG leaves yoe Flash Wolves

by Connor Dunn Jan 6 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Gfinity

Won "PartinG" Lee Sak has announced the end of his contract with Taiwanese team, yoe Flash Wolves.

The team confirmed the roster change in a post on their Facebook page.


Posted by 《Flash Wolves》閃電狼職業電競隊 on Wednesday, 6 January 2016

The Korean Protoss was yoe Flash Wolves' strongest and most consistent player. He won several tournaments during his time on the team including HomeStory Cup X, Gfinity Spring Masters, and the 2015 DreamHack Open: Tours.

PartinG was banned from competing in the 2015 Proleague season for leaving SK Telecom T1 before obtaining a free agent status. It is unclear at this time whether KeSPA will allow him to compete in the 2016 Proleague season.

If PartinG is allowed to compete in 2016 Proleague, his smooth transition into Legacy of the Void will likely attract several offers from KeSPA teams — especially with his recent second place finish at the DreamHack ROCCAT LotV Championship.

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