Report: Life under investigation for alleged ties to match fixing

by Navneet Randhawa Jan 31 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Dennis Gonzales / theScore eSports

News that Lee "Life" Seung Hyun was arrested came out earlier this week, and the 19-year-old StarCraft II pro's alleged association with match fixing is being investigated, the Kyunghyang newspaper reports.

In the report, the Changwon District Prosecutors' Office said that they are currently investigating the case and therefore could not give specific details of the charges, but did clarify that it was related to the match fixing scandal that took place last year.

The reasons for Life's arrest were not initially known, but KeSPA did address the possibility in a statement Friday and explained that they would fully cooperate with the investigation if it came to that.

In their statement, KeSPA made it clear that they have a zero tolerance policy towards such actions and would actively help the Changwon District Prosecutors' Office in the event that it was related to match fixing.

In October, nine individuals were arrested under allegations of match fixing. Prosecutors in the case alleged that five games were fixed across multiple leagues, and former pros Choi "YoDa" Byung Hyun and Choi "BBoongBBoong" Jong Hyuk recieved from $5,000 to $20,000 USD to participate in the fixing. At the time, police stated that of the twelve individuals they suspected, nine were arrested, two were indicted and one was at large.

Life is considered one of the top Zerg players in the world, and was the 2014 WCS World Champion. He placed second in 2015, after a year that included a first place finish in the 2015 GSL Season 1 and IEM Taipei. Life is also famous for being one of the youngest pros in professional StarCraft; he signed with ZeNEX 2011, at just 14 years old and won his first GSL championship just a year later.

Recently, Life was traded from KT Rolster to Afreeca Freecs for Lee "Leenock" Dong Nyoung. According to a statement made by KeSPA about Life's arrest, the trade had nothing to do with the investigation.

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