Report: PartinG joins Kongdoo Monster as 'game creator'

by Daniel Rosen Mar 22 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Gfinity

Won "PartinG" Lee Sak has joined up with Kongdoo Monster as a "game creator,' according to a report for Fomos by kenzi, published on Tuesday.

The report did not detail what PartinG's role as a game creator will involve, but did state that his contract includes lodging and access to a broadcast studio. It is unclear if he will be playing StarCraft II competitively for the organization or focusing entirely on his new role.

“With Won Lee Sak’s excellent skills in games as a base, we felt that he had the potential to develop into a game creator and did not hesitate to acquire him," Kongdoo representative Suh Kyung-Jong said in a statement given to Fomos. "With the experience of managing 50 or so pro gamers we will help Won Lee Sak become a global star.”

Kongdoo Monster was previously known as e-mFire, but rebranded after it was acquired by the Korean esports management group Kongdoo Company in February.

PartinG joins the team after several rocky performances and a retreat from premier-level competitive play. He left Taiwanese organization yoe Flash Wolves in January, and did not participate in either the most recent season of StarCraft II StarLeague (SSL) or Global StarCraft II League (GSL).

Blizzard's recent region locking rules prevent PartinG from playing in North American and European tournaments like DreamHack and IEM, where he has had success previously. Last year, the Protoss player won the 2015 DreamHack Open: Tours and placed second at IEM Season X Shenzen. His last premier tournament run was at the WCS Global Finals in the fall, where he placed 9th-16th.

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