Zest talks about winning IEM Katowice, mental toughness and Protoss mirror matches

by Matt Demers Mar 15 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Dennis Gonzales / theScore eSports

This interview was condensed and edited for clarity. It was conducted by Matt Demers with Joo "Zest" Sung Wook and translator, Susie "lilsusie" Kim.

Matt: You've now won a GSL, Proleague and IEM. Which one of those wins means more?

Zest: I can’t pick one. As a pro gamer every win is important, so I can’t say this one is less important than the other one. All of them are very special to me.

Matt: What made you decide you wanted to do a one-base Blink Stalker build in the last game, when most of your games against Trap were macro based?

Zest: I didn’t mean for all the games to go long, it’s just that Trap and I are both on a similar play level, so it just happened that way. When I did the one-base Blink Stalker, that was the best opportunity for me to do it, so I did it.

Matt: In a previous interview, you said that you feel you had good practice results but not tournament results. What changed at IEM Katowice?

Zest: I don’t know why that happened. All those times I felt “blocked.” I feel that blockage just opened and then I did very well. I want to figure out what it is so that I can continue being the high level player I am right now.

Matt: Do you feel like you ended a slump or do you still need to figure something out?

Zest: A slump is when you can’t win anything, even during your practice games - that is not the case for me. Just because a couple of games didn’t go well during a tournament, it doesn't mean that I’m in a slump. As long as you can beat through that and continue to practice, you will do well.

Matt: A lot of people describe PvP as a coin flip. Do you miss out on some of the mental games and strategy with builds that come from other matchups?

Zest: I like playing against both Zerg and Terran. Even though people say there is a lot of luck in PvP, there is a lot of strategy that goes within that because of the mirror match up.

Matt: In previous series against other players, Trap played extremely aggressive. Why do you think he opted to play a more standard Protoss style against you?

Zest: Probably because we both know each other so well that we feel out the play style of one another and can predict what each other is going to do.

Matt: What do you think you do better than anyone else?

Zest: I feel that I never get nervous in front of a crowd, no matter how big the crowd is. I am also good at keeping my mental composure. I don’t tilt, and even if I’m down 2-0, I can push through and think of each game one by one.

Matt Demers is the Supervising Editor at theScore eSports and is enjoying Poland's weather. Follow him on Twitter.