PPMD will not attend EVO 2016 due to health issues

by theScore Staff Jul 4 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of theScore esports

Kevin "PPMD" Nanney will not be attending EVO 2016 due to health issues, he announced Monday.

"I am not going to EVO," he said in his statement. "I feel pretty sad about the whole setback and not going to EVO today so trust me when I say I'm just as disappointed as some of you."

As for attending EVO in general, PPMD decided against it, stating that "traveling and socializing tires me more than an average person right now so it would just set my progress back."

PPMD first opened up about his health issues in November, citing physical fatigue as the primary reason behind his tournament absences. In June, PPMD said that he was receiving treatment for low testosterone. At the time, he said that he was unsure if he would be able to compete at EVO, but that he would be recovering regardless of his attendance.

"Things were going pretty well until the middle of last week," PPMD said in his latest statement. "I started feeling pretty good and then the next day woke up feeling tired like usual again. I'm still working it out, but basically I needed to continually get better in order to have a shot at making EVO since I would be on the very early side of improvement. I'm pretty bummed about the setback since I got to be more like myself for a bit and then lost it again."

PPMD was still confident in his recovery, reiterating that he will let everyone know when he will return.

PPMD, one of the Five Gods, has missed numerous tournaments in 2016, including Smash Summit 2 and CEO 2016. The last tournament that he competed in was Battle of the Five Gods, where he placed tenth after losing every match in the playoff group. Before that, PPMD competed at Genesis, Smash Summit 1. He also competed at EVO 2015, where he placed third.

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