Mang0 wins Melee at Super Smash Con

by Daniel Rosen Aug 14 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Dennis Gonzales / theScore esports

Joseph "Mang0" Marquez has won the Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament at Super Smash Con after a 3-0 victory over Juan "Hungrybox" Debiedma.

After losing to Mang0 3-1 in the Winner's Finals, Hbox dipped into the Lower Bracket for a quick 3-0 victory over Jason "Mew2King" Zimmerman, then returned to the Upper Bracket for another shot at bringing down The Kid. While the EVO champion started strong in most of his games against Mang0, he wasn't able to follow through.

Mang0 reset the momentum again and again, taking control of the last game of the series four stocks to Hbox's two just two minutes in. Hungrybox fired back, taking three stocks before losing one of his own, but Mang0 clutched out one last stock by punishing an errant roll with Up-throw to Up-air, the classic Jigglypuff-killing combo.

Mang0 beat Zachary "SFAT" Cordoni, Justin "Wizzrobe" Hallett, Sami "Druggedfox" Muhanna and Hugo "HugS" Gonzalez on his way to the Grand Finals, while Hbox beat DaJuan "Shroomed" McDaniel, Daniel "ChuDat" Rodriguez and M2K over the course of the tournament.

This marks Mang0's third major win this year, following a 2015 slump that saw him miss out on first place for nearly a year. Despite placing fourth at EVO, Mang0 took first at WTFox 2 and DreamHack Austin earlier in 2016.

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