Flipsid3 Tactics sign Brolynho, add new FGC manager

by theScore Staff Oct 28 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Capcom

Flipsid3 Tactics have announced an addition to their FGC roster, signing Necalli main Thomas "Brolynho" Proença.

The Brazilian is considered to be one of the best SFV players out of Latin America today, and who can argue with that when you see a performance like the one he gave recently at Brooklyn Beatdown, upsetting Lee "Infiltration" Seonwoo 2-0, in Top 32 no less.

Brolynho is already qualified for the Capcom Cup finals thanks to his spot at #1 on the Latin American rankings. He also has a place at the Capcom Cup Latin America finals with wins at both Fight in Rio Olympia 2016 and the CPT 2016 LA Online Ranking Event #2 and currently sits at #71 on the CPT global ranking.

"Being part of F3 is very special for me because they treated me very well, even when they didn’t know me. So, more than a sponsor, they are good people," said Brolynho in Flipsid3's announcement.

"Having the opportunity to train with alucarD and attend more international tournaments will give me the experience to compete at a high level. Thank you guys for choosing me to represent you! I’ll do my best!"

Flipsid3's new FGC Division Manager is Matthew "Glitch" Testini, who takes the place of Christopher "NinjaCW" Harris, who recently passed away as a result of complications from a heart virus.

Glitch is an experienced TO and player from the New York FGC community who most recently was the team captain for Play All Gaming.

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