DR Ray defeats K-Brad, wins CPT Latin America Regional Finals

by theScore Staff Nov 2 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Capcom

Dominican player Ray "DR Ray" Rosario has defeated Kenneth "K-Brad" Bradley 3-0 in the Grand Finals of the Capcom Pro Tour LatAm Regional Finals and secured a guaranteed spot at the Capcom Cup Finals in December.

DR Ray's Vega first met K-Brad's Cammy in the semifinals, with DR Ray taking a 3-1 victory. K-Brad went on to take out Keoma "Keoma" Moutsatsos Pacheco in the Loser's Finals to make it back to the Grand Finals showdown with DR Ray.

At 18th on the LatAm regional leaderboards, DR Ray was not previously qualified for Capcom Cup. However, winning a Regional Finals secures him a direct invite to the event. He will join the region's leaderboard-qualified representatives, Brazil's Thomas "Brolynho" Proença and Chile's Felipe "Misterio" Torres Carvacho, in Anaheim on Dec. 3.

K-Brad has one last shot to qualify for Capcom Cup at the North America Regional Finals on Nov. 4-6.

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