Capcom bans Skies of Honor stage from Capcom Pro Tour

by Daniel Rosen Nov 22 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Capcom

The Skies of Honor stage will be banned from the Capcom Cup finals and the 2017 Capcom Pro Tour, Capcom announced Tuesday.

Skies of Honor was released as downloadable content earlier this month, and features the player characters doing battle on top of Rashid's private jet while it flies over Dubai. According to Capcom's tweet, the moving background was labeled as "too distracting for tournament play."

While Skies of Honor hasn't seen too much tournament play in the weeks it's been out, some players voiced their concerns about the stage's legality before the ban. Keoma "Keoma" Pacheo wrote a blog post on Nov. 10, in which he laid out the reasons the stage causes issues like motion sickness and headaches for some players.

Skies of Honor isn't he first stage to be banned from the pro tour. A previous DLC stage, Kanzuki Family Beach was banned on release, as the water on one half of the stage makes low to the ground projectiles like Birdie's can and Juri's Fuharenkyaku fireball invisible as they travel across the screen. Additionally, EVO 2016 banned The Grid, the training stage that features a grid background that players could use as a crutch to improve their spacing.

The Capcom Cup finals take place from Dec. 2-3 in Santa Ana and Anaheim, California.

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