Capcom Cup hits 87,000 viewers on ESPN 2

by Daniel Rosen Dec 6 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of theScore esports / Capcom

The Capcom Cup finals drew 87,000 viewers on ESPN2, according to's aggregation of Nielsen ratings.

The number is lower than the Twitch viewership for the event, and lower than the TV ratings for ESPN 2's live broadcast of EVO 2016's Street Fighter V tournament. According to Twitch statistic tracking site Twinge, the Capcom Fighters channel peaked at 108,815 concurrent viewers on Saturday, while EVO drew an average of 201,000 viewers on ESPN, which was still lower than the Twitch viewership for that event.

The overall viewership number changes a little if you look at stream numbers for foreign language channels and re-streams. Street Fighter V peaked at 111,107 viewers on Saturday night, the night of the Grand FInals, across all channels broadcasting the game.

To be fair to the Capcom Cup, it was up against stiff competition in the time slot. The latest episode of The Walking Dead drew over 10 million viewers, while the Hallmark original movie Looks Like Christmas pulled in 3.8 million viewers.

ESPN's broadcast also didn't feature the entire tournament. Top 32 to Top 8 was played on Firday, then Top 8 was played on Saturday. However, the ESPN broadcast on Sunday only showed the Top 4 matches, winners' finals, losers' semifinals, losers' finals and the Grand Finals between Ricki Ortiz and Du "NuckleDu" Dang.

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