mousesports sign CCL, Problem X

by Daniel Rosen Feb 25 2017
Thumbnail image courtesy of mousesports

mousesports have entered Street Fighter by signing two of Europe's strongest Street Fighter V players, Younes "CCL" Lazaar and Benjamin "Problem X" Simon.

"I think Street Fighter is a great game with both a lot of history and massive potential," mouz manager Cengiz Tüylü told theScore esports. "It's fast paced, easy to understand and fun to watch. What makes this game special for us is the community that is really passionate about the game. They organize their own events and players from around the world fly in just to compete. We found two players that fit really well and i am looking forward to April when the season finally starts. I am sure more teams and event organizers will join the FGC very soon."

CCL was something of a newcomer to the Street Fighter scene in 2016, but became a serious contender in Europe with two Capcom Pro Tour ranking tournament wins and eight total ranking tournament Top 8 appearances. He finished the season at second on the European leaderboard and 20th worldwide, earning him a spot at the Capcom Cup finals that he had to turn down for personal reasons.

"I'm very happy to join mousesports," CCL told theScore esports. "It is amazing to be the first Street Fighter player to join them and I believe we can accomplish great things together."

Problem X has been a mainstay of the British Street Fighter scene since Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, and was known for his strong Seth and C.Viper back in the SFIV series. These days, Problem X has been playing a variety of characters in SFV, but has gravitated towards grapplers with strong buttons, mostly playing Alex in Season 1.

He recently placed first at the ZOWIE Brussels Challenge using Birdie and M. Bison. Problem X ended the 2016 season at fifth of the European leaderboard, and 30th worldwide. He placed ninth at EGX, seventh at Sonic Boom and 25th at the Capcom Cup Finals.

"I'm very excited to be a part of mousesports , this is a fantastic opportunity. I'm really looking forward to season 2 of Street Fighter V and I feel the game is developing really well," Problem X told theScore esports. "This year with the support of this new fantastic team, I will attend a lot of events and hopefully produce the great results I believe I'm capable of."

CCL was a Chun-Li player during the 2016 season, but has switched to Urien for Season 2, which he says he's been enjoying more than Season 1 despite some of the disparity between top tier characters and the rest of the cast.

"I think the game is really fun now," CCL said. "The game feels less balanced than Season 1 so I'm happy there will be a patch before Season 2 of the Pro Tour starts, I'd rather Capcom buff weak characters than nerf the strong ones, besides maybe Guile, Boxer and Laura which need to be toned down a little."

Mouz will help send CCL to North American events this season, which he hasn't been able to attend before, and he says he's aiming to perform well in both his home region and NA to qualify and attend the Capcom Cup Finals this year. Problem X has attended several North American events in the past, but Mouz will be getting him back on to the international circuit this season.

The first tournament of the 2017 Capcom Pro Tour is Final Round 20 in Atlanta, Georgia from March 10-12.

Daniel Rosen is a news editor for theScore esports. You can follow him on Twitter.