This Week in Gaming: SK Telecom own League of Legends, SFV makes its Amazing Race debut and an Injustice 2 meltdown for the ages

by Sean Tepper May 26 2017
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games / Riot LoL Flickr

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We Like…

SK Telecom being the G.O.A.T. of all things League of Legends

Love them. Hate them. Wish you were them. Regardless on what your thoughts on Korea’s SK Telecom T1 are, there’s no denying that they are, without a doubt, THE greatest League of Legends organization of all-time. And that was before their recent win at the 2017 Mid-Season Invitational.

After hoisting their second consecutive MSI trophy last weekend, there’s no disputing that: SK Telecom are the greatest LoL franchise of all-time, Faker is the greatest LoL player of all-time and that Kkoma is LoL’s Bill Belichick. Plus, anyone who wants to dispute whether Bang or Wolf are the best duo lane ever only need to look at their trophy case to be proven wrong.

In any kind of sport, hardware matters and SKT have no shortage of shiny objects to display, be it as an organization, a roster or individually.

Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson’s MMA comparisons

Yes, I was in just as much shock as you were when I discovered that the resident nerds from theScore esports podcast managed to sit down with Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson. Before you ask, no, the UFC’s reigning flyweight champion did not steal any of their lunch money (although he may have had they done the interview in person instead of over the phone), but he did touch upon a number of different topics that range from MMA, esports and gaming in the lengthy 35-minute interview.

But the best part of Mighty Mouse’s interview didn’t stem from the fact that he said he’d never invest in an esports team or his Dark Souls PvP build. No, the best part of his interview is when he compared Brock Lesnar, Georges St-Pierre, Floyd Mayweather and other fighters to their pixelated counterparts. The result is hilarious, and you should check them all out here, but as Canadians, we simply cannot endorse his GSP to M. Bison comparison.

Oh yeah, Mighty Mouse also used our podcast to tell Capcom to make him a playable character in either Street Fighter V or Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite. Make it happen, Capcom.

We Don’t Like…

Getting frustrated over Injustice 2

Don’t be ashamed to admit it — sometimes video games make us angry. No, not the “why did you ruin last week’s Game of Thrones episode” type of angry, more like the “I will destroy you, your TV and your family before burning down the studio that made this game” kind of angry. Heck, I’d be lying to you if I said I’ve never broken a controller (or three) in various iterations of NBA 2K. But that was on my couch, and not in a formal tournament setting that was being live-streamed.

Enter Deadshot.

At the Injustice 2 portion of Toronto’s Toryuken tournament, Floyd Lawton’s oppressive zoning style of play got the best of a local Brainiac player and the result of getting beat by a character that never needs to get close to you to kill you ended in a broken controller. Ok, we’re not sure that the controller is broken, but take a look the Gronkowski-esque spike and tell me that irreparable damage wasn’t done to that poor, helpless controller.

Everyone just needs to chill out and repeat after me: “It’s just a game.”

IEM no longer hosting LoL events

Earlier this week, IEM Michal “Carmac” Blicharz announced that IEM would no longer be hosting League of Legends events going forward, which is a downright shame. Sure, the last few tournaments have featured subpar teams and have been underwhelming as a whole, but IEM played a massive role in elevating LoL, and esports as whole, into the mainstream consciousness.

Pour one out for IEM’s LoL circuit, fellas.

We’re Unsure Of...

People storming the stage at MSI

One of esports’ biggest charms is the fact that the barrier between normal players and professional gamers appears thin. Sure, you’re probably not going to become the next Faker by grinding 18 hours of solo queue a day, but maybe, just maybe you can. Heck, if you’re high enough on ladder you can even test your mettle against your region’s best professional talent.

As has been previously noted, Riot-organized LoL events don’t make use of sound booths in what we can only assume is an attempt to make fans feel like they are as close to the pros as possible, because it certainly has nothing to do with competitive integrity. Well, after SK Telecom T1 won last weekend’s MSI-final, a young fan whom we would like to believe was (but probably wasn’t) championing sound booths crashed the stage and congratulated each SKT member on their win with a loving embrace.

Would this have happened even if there were sound booths? Maybe. But I’ll take advantage of any chance I get to champion sounds booths.

LCS starting up next week

Guys, the LCS starts back up next week and while very few things get us as excited as weekly League of Legends action, the Mid-Season Invitational just ended.

Literally, it just ended last weekend. My brain (and sleeping schedule) need more time to return to normal. So please, next time give us more than a week off before coming back on the air.

My sanity thanks you.

The FGC scene taking over The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race made its way to South Korea this week, and one of the challenges revolved around esports. Specifically, competitors had to take a round off a Street Fighter V pro to advance. A lot of the contestants laughed off the challenge and thought it would be a lot of fun, but that’s probably because they didn’t know they would be facing off against the like of Poongko and Infiltration.

The result was what you’d expect, and it took several handicaps for anyone to beat the SFV legends. But hey, I probably couldn’t beat these guys if both their hand were tied behind their back and they were blindfolded. And if we’re being honest, neither could you.


We Want…

Netflix’s Castlevania series...ASAP

When news dropped that Castlevania was being made into a Netflix original series, gamers collectively lost their minds.

Well, if you watch the series’ newly released teaser trailer, it doesn’t seem like we’ll be disappointed.

The best part of the whole trailer is the fact that we’ll be able to binge watch every episode in less than six weeks.