Around the Web: A most generous Tekken MVP and CEO's best entrances

by Sean Tepper Jun 19 2017
Thumbnail image courtesy of CEO Gaming

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On our all fighting game edition of Around the Web, we break down how the internet reacted to a Tekken OG offering up his hard-earned prize to the people who awarded it to him before highlighting some of best wrestling-inspired entrances from CEO.

Team AT&T 1 - T-Mobile 0

If there’s one thing to know about Bronson Tran, it’s that he’s a faithful man. Competing in E3’s Twitch Esports Arena invitational last week, the Tekken 7 player may have failed to win the tournament but clearly won the audience’s heart, as evidenced by his fan-voted MVP award.

Problem is that along with a trophy, the MVP award came along with a new T-Mobile phone, and the Mouth of NorCal is a faithful AT&T customer.

Being a man of the people, Tran admitted that, as a faithful AT&T customer, he couldn’t accept the free phone but asked if it was transferable and said that he would give it away to one of the Twitter users that voted for him.

As you can imagine, the internet had a lot of fun with Tran’s conviction to AT&T, while others were happy to remind him that they would be happy to be the lucky recipient of his eventual giveaway.

CEO entrances are still the best entrances

CEO is one of the year’s most beloved fighting game tournaments and brought us a weekend full of hype, epic showmanship, and crazy popoffs. But while the FGC action was as hype as always, the thing that separates CEO from most other tournaments is the fact that players get to play in a wrestling ring and plan a crazy, WWE inspired entrance. And boy were there a lot of good ones.

Smash 4 superstar and the world’s best Diddy Kong player Gonzalo "ZeRo" Barrios set the bar very high with an entrance that paid homage to his main in the most hilarious way possible.

Of course, the event featured a number of insane entrances, but some of the Street Fighter V ones really took the cake. In fact, some of the weekend’s best entrances saw players get into the ring with a little help from their friends.

Now you’d think that it couldn’t get any better than being helped into to the ring by two beautiful women, but you’d be wrong. Try being carried into the ring by a professional wrestler and the man who organized the tournament while wearing a crown.

Unfortunately the stream was down at the time of Smug’s entrance, but luckily the epic intro was caught on camera from within the crowd.

And as you can imagine, the internet collectively lost their minds.

And of course, be sure to check out esports photographer Robert Paul’s Twitter feed for photos that capture the weekend’s energy.