This Week in Gaming: #FreedSwag, Dardoch's return and Justin Trudeau's worst nightmare

by theScore Staff Jul 28 2017
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We Like...

ESL lifting IBP's ban

We did it Reddit! Swag (now known as Brax) is least for ESL events. While the squad formerly known as iBUYPOWER is still banned from Valve-organized tournaments due to a match-fixing scandal in 2014, ESL has given the players a second chance following a survey by the The Esports Integrity Coalition and consultations with pro teams.

"Whilst the players are clearly culpable and should have known better, the rules surrounding this sort of activity were not clear at the time," the ESIC said in their recommendations. "No education had been provided to the players and the procedures used to sanction them were not transparent and did not comply with principles of natural justice."

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Admittedly, match-fixing is a very serious offense and it's important for a young field like esports to nip that sort of bad behavior in the bud, but the fact remains that the players — in particular Braxton "Brax" Pierce who was 16 at the time of the scandal — were quite young. Not to mention the fact that cheaters in professional sports have faced far lighter penalties for far worse behavior.

Nonetheless, it seems like Valve won't be budging on the lifetime ban any time soon and Turner Broadcasting, which organizes ELEAGUE, say they will uphold the ban as well.

We Don't Like...

Dragon Ball FighterZ's beta being moved to September

In case you weren't sure whether or not Dragon Ball FighterZ was going to be a big deal, Bandai Namco announced that the closed beta for the game would be moved from Aug. 22 to Sept. 16-18 "due to the volume of excitement and enthusiasm." Clearly, people are super-hyped to play as Krillin and Piccolo.

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I mean, this development certainly bodes well for the future of the game and means more people will get a taste of the game, but being a millennial and stuff I have no concept or patience or delayed gratification.

Abigail joins Street Fighter V

Boy, if you thought Birdie had the most unpleasant character design to ever make it into a video game, wait until you meet Street Fighter V's newest fighter, Abigail.

Seriously, look at this monstrosity. Sure Street Fighter's always had ugly, over-sized bruisers, but this guy takes the cake. Doesn't help that he comes with a mandatory nine gigabyte patch that you can't go online without, even if you have no interest in playing as Kid Rock's biggest fan.

Even worse is the fact that the bruising hulk the franchise's first Canadian character, undoing all the positive coverage our dreamy Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has garnered over the past two years.

We're Unsure Of...

Dardoch's return to Team Liquid

Rory and Jess, Sandy and Danny Zuko, Dardoch and Team Liquid, why do good girls/esports organizations keep thinking they can fix the bad boy?

Sure, Dardoch is one of the best junglers this side of the Pacific, but the 19-year-old has never exactly played well with others. And judging by CLG's very politely worded press release, he's probably not seen the light quite yet.

Nonetheless, theScore esports' Gabriel Zoltan-Johan thinks there's hope for young Dark-doch, if he can be put in a situation where he's neither expected to be a star player or a leader, but where he's alongside players he can respect and staff who know how to handle a strong-willed teenager.

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"It's important for his career that he finds that group that allows him to function under the radar, like Juan "Contractz" Garcia does with Cloud9, and finds a position that actively avoids leadership in a team," Zoltan-Johan writes.

"This doesn't mean neglecting his aggressive playstyle either, but instead finding a way to have him adjust to facilitate his teammates. It's something which would likely be more comfortable for him in an environment where he respects the skill of his teammates and the pedigree of the staff over him."

Personally, I wouldn't hold my breath.

We Want...

A badass Baby Roshan figure

Hope you've been grinding levels Battle Pass, because Valve has announced that any player who manages to make it to level 2000 will get an adorable 8.5 by 9 centimeter statue of Baby Roshan. Okay, fine it's less "adorable" than "friggin disgusting" but it still looks pretty rad.

To get your hands on one be sure to register before Aug. 25 and be sure to grind out your quests. And if that fails, spend a whole lot of money buying levels. When your bank takes you to task for your maxed out credit cards, just tell them you're trying to support young athletes attending a tournament in Seattle.

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