CEO 2018 likely to take place in Daytona Beach

by theScore Staff Jul 30 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of CEO / theScore esports

CEO founder Alex Jebailey announced that, due to growing costs and an increase in popularity, that next year will be the last year that the FGC event will take place in Orlando.

This year's CEO event hit full capacity at the Wyndham Hotel, with almost 5,000 attendees on hand. Jebailey explained in the post that since the event wrapped up last month, he'd been hunting for bigger venues to host CEO, but was unable to find one in Orlando that met the event's budget.

"The sad reality is, Orlando has become the most sought after destination for conventions and events in the past couple of years to the point places like the convention center can get corporations to book everything up with no limited budget," Jebailey wrote. "Chairs alone for a weekend at the Orlando Convention Center could cost around $75,000.

"CEO has always been for the most part self sustaining and funded by myself and the help of the community/company partners I've had over the years."

He wrote that he wanted a venue that could not only fit more attendees but also provide them with a full overall experience, even outside of the event itself. He later decided to explore options outside of Orlando, which led him to Daytona Beach.

"Today I made a visit all the way to Daytona Beach to their amazing Convention Center. It's in the heart of Daytona right across from their pier, boardwalk, plenty of hotels for all budgets, places to eat, water park next door which I already discussed renting out until 2 am just for a party and much much more that would make it another premier destination and fun spot for a fighting game event," he wrote.

"CEO 2018 and beyond will be moving to Daytona unless a better option pops up in Orlando somehow. After meeting with the people in Daytona I feel this will be a positive move in all directions for the future of CEO over the next 5 years."

Jebailey concludes the post by announcing the official dates for next year's event.

"I will do my best to correct all of the issues people were vocal about this year as well as better scheduling and planning all around to provide the comfortable fun CEO experience you've come to expect over the years," he wrote.

"With that said we will return one more year to the Wyndham Orlando Resort in 2017 on June 16-18th which will be the final date."

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