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Jebailey on selling the FGC to sports investors: 'Now might be a better time than ever to take a chance on us'
Last week, CEO founder Alex Jebailey got to do something very few members of the FGC have ever gotten to. He stood up in front of a group of sports executives and tried to essentially...
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Ray subs for Impact in C9 vs. P1 Game 2
Jeon "Ray" Ji-Won is standing in for Jung "Impact" Eon-yeong in Game 2 of Cloud9's NA LCS Week 5 series against Phoenix1. Cloud9 lost Game 1, while Impact put up a 1/3/5 scoreline on...
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Astralis' gla1ve: 'You just need to take a look at the Major final ... then you know what kind of game to expect'
Lukas ”gla1ve” Rossander is excited to build upon the recent success of Astralis, and to do so in what he cites as a legendary venue, he said in a press release. "MGM Grand is a very...
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Peter Moore on EA's competitive gaming efforts and what TV can do for esports
EA isn't new to what they call competitive gaming. In 2004, the company ran the first FIFA Interactive World Cup and has been hosting tournaments for their sports games ever since. The...
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Changes to 2017 uLoL season spark controversy amongst university players
Collegiate League of Legends players are in an uproar over the unannounced removal of championship prizes from the 2017 uLoL season. Riot originally announced the 2017 season of uLoL in...